Montag, 20. September 2010

Kiss me Goodbye and write me while I'm gone, Goodbye My Sweetheart, Hello Germany

Everything comes to an End, and mine is coming around soon.

Anyways I cannot come around saying that I had the BEST TIME of my Life

Have you ever heard of people coming home from vacation and they are even worse off than before, because they dont want go back to what they do? 

Not for me,... Right Now, there is so much energy inside me that is just waiting to kick the following year's work's ass, I am totally refreshed and renewed.

Traveling is how I want to spend my time, 
there's nothing more worth to do, 
so much experience, so much FUN, so much time, so much money, you go out to eat everyday, you go out everyday, you can spend the entire day reading if you want (i like reading :) ), you can spend an entire day just chilling at a spectecular point in nature, especially when you are alone you can do whatever you want, 
and of course all the people you meet and the good friends you get all over the world. 

If I wouldnt have met my good friend Ben in Vegas, I would have had to spend 1 or 2 nights on the street in San Francisco because everything was full, and I could sleep on his couch. Simultaniously we had an awesome time out in San Francisco. Every night we hit up the bars, we went to horseracing, won a shit load of money and enjoyed great food. Thanks, Ben, for the last days in the US.
Ben and Me, making 52$ out of 2$ by seeking out the winner horse!

deep dish pizza, after that you will believe in god


Even though Asia, USA, the other European countries, and other german states, 
have all their specialities and are a must to visit, 
I seem to get a higher sense of how fortunate I am to grow up and live in Bavaria. It provides us with the best foundation you can probably get: educational, financial, lifestyle, social system, infrastructure...

If you say, everything is fucked up, in my opinion, you haven't seen the world enough, yet. In comparison to what we have, most places I have visited are a lot worse.
Just take our university education... we pay little bit more than 1000euros a year. In comparison to USA, that's a dream to be achieved over here. Med-school is about 60.000$ a year?
Yet, some students complain, complain, complain about how unfair our system is and that we should go back to free education. 
I agree that free education is a goal to achieve, BUT STOP COMPLAINING !   It is by far not as bad as in other places on earth.

Life is Good.
and we should work on kick everybody's ass who tries to make it bad.


I read 4 books, and the more I read the more I know, that reading quality literature is one of the main forces which can change your life. 
My favorite was "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins.
It definitely changed my life in a profound way, my path became more apparent and it gave me a clear cut understanding where I want to lead my life. 
Self-Help may be cheesy, but without the knowledge out of books, I would miss a lot in this world. 
That's why I love it so much.

If you cant imagine that traveling alone is fun and NOT BORING, go try it out for a week and you will see.
I rather go traveling alone than with company because I would be afraid I would miss out on so many opportunities which come with meeting random strangers. 
In Asia I changed my plans and flew to Macao and Hongkong just because I met my good friend Ariel at a bus-stop in Bangkok because I had no clue where to go and needed help, so I decided to ask him and BOOM! Hongkong/Macao was the best part of the journey!


There is no other way to get more adventure than by traveling. 
Adventure is putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation where you are not confident... and see what happens.
Yesterday, last night in SF, I went to one bar with Ben, which was filled with New Orleans Saints Fans (am. football). The same day I bought a San Francisco 49ers jersey.
do you see the fear in my face?
Ben told me that those 2 teams play against each other today. Of course I had to get the jersey out of the car and get it a blessing in an enemy filled bar. Make life an adventure :)
As soon as I stepped into the bar, the entire attention zoomed into me. I was so scared, my knees started shacking and i got a little bit of doubt if this was a good idea. Especially when the first guys started ripping on the jersey. Everybody joined into some hymn that was supposed to smash me, but i couldnt understand what they were yelling. 
But in the end I ended up with a beer and high fives and "thanks for the free victory, man"(49ers are bad and New Orleans won last year's super bowl) and had a lot of fun ^^

To wrap this up:

In order to get here, to "achieve" this journey, 
I had to endure a hard time before. 

Going on a trip each year is not easy and takes a lot of organization and modesty.

I had to work 12 hours per week to have the income necessary to pay all the bills and have the money to travel, simultaniously to studying;
I don't even know how many hours I spent studying 2 months before my final exam. I had to pass it because otherwise I couldnt have gone traveling; University took most of my time. 
1 big exam in the end of the whole semester, that's a whole lot in medicine;
I stopped going out, I stopped being social, I had to reduce sport, I set up a budget and of course I do not smoke, drink (when out), gamble, or anything else that is basically a waste of money,
everything accumulated up to a 18hour work day in the last month before the trip (except the week before where I chilled out)

and I wouldnt change it, 
because I knew that this trip will pay back 10x the effort I put into it.

I know that I'll do the same thing again
I know that I can work even harder, which is cool to know :)

and I am extremely happy with what I do


i hope you enjoyed reading this blog, i am sorry for the inconvenience that there was a big gap of no article. Next time I will bring a netbook to use the WiFi in restaurants. Like I said, Internet Cafes are a scarcity in the USA.

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