Samstag, 29. August 2009

temple borobodur and pleasent dinner

ok, these were the last temples for my journey. I guess i saw enough now :)

but those last 2 were really good anyway and i had to see them. really big.

but 10 dollar entrance fee for each one of them is waaaayyy too much for me, thus i only visited Borobodur, the famous one. Maybe its for restauration, then i gave my fair share, i guess.
As you see, Borobodur is very impressive! Wonderful view over Java and volcanoes.

The guide from the travel agency took me and my group to a second temple, but i didnt pay the entrance fee, just watched from outside and then waited for my group at a deerpark. very nice and cute. ^^

In the evening, I went out for dinner and this really nice indonesian family invited me over at their table. I had a really pleasant talk and food with them. They spoke english very well, and the one guy, Herry, told me about his stays to Europe, also Dresden/Germany. He lives in Sydney at the moment. Enjoyed it!

I again found some new food which looked strange, but that i really like now. Plain egg, which is brown and Jackfruit, fried i guess. really good.


my 'good morning' BigMac had again a massive load of salad in it. I dont know where that comes from.

Freitag, 28. August 2009

BigMac's, toothkiller and durian

Today i ate at a McDonald's, a bigmac menu, really good. but the abuse of salad is unbelieveable... there was more salad in the burger than in (where is a lot of salad in it???maybe in a saladburger)... but you get the idea.

then i went to a supermarket, where there was one huge box full of durian fruits. the fruit, that is known for its unstandable smell.
it really has a strong thick smell, which filled the whole supermarket (a relatively big one), but for me, its not unpleasant. its not even annoying. So I went to a little shop in order to try it, and it was really really good :)
it's said that you either hate or love it, and that most people cant go near it.
I liked the taste. its a very rich taste like onions, melted onions. the flesh of the fruit is very creamy.
After this one, i bought some sweet stuff. i dont know what it actually consists of, but its basically a colored, meatball-big, ball with coconut and A LOT OF sugar. its as sweet, that it hurts. i cant eat 2 of them; after one, i think im fat. But it was as good, that I HAD to eat all of them; the white ones tasted like durian. need to get those again.

tomorrow i will visit Borobodur. a huge temple from forgotten times. shall be pretty good!

Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


Photos made on the train!

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Ramadhan and me


Now i am in Yogjakarta, i nice town in Central Java.

Right now, its Ramadhan.NO FOOD, until 6pm. I hope i wont starve ^^!


As a good traveler, I maybe should have checked that before, but i didnt ^^ so it hit me with full surprise!

i arrived on java on 24.08., and will go back on 22.09.
Ramadhan is from 22.08., until 22.09.

but as bruce lee says: "be like water my friend", as well as: "BAM!",
i decided to go to bali soon, the island right east of java. It's said that ramadhan is the hardest time to travel, also because of the totally overfilled transportsystems (a lot of the people return to their families in that time) Bali has more buddhist population and is more touristic, so it's easier to travel there. Even though i prefer to stay away from touristic areas.

Jakarta and Bandung, the 2 cities i've been to, where not really visit-worthy.
Yogjakarta, on the other side, is really nice, very beautiful and a lot of sightseeing. Here i will stay a little bit, then im going to climb 2 volcanoes, and off i go to bali, where i'll stay for the rest of my journey.


The only food i find in the daytime, is vegetarian spring rolls,... really good, but...


They have McDonalds here, so i know where to go if it's too urgent. Even though i prefer streetfood. Who never know what you get, but mostly very good.


Montag, 24. August 2009

Indonesia, jakarta

i arrived in Indonesia today. pleasent flight with no turbulences, thus little bit boring.

jakarta is pretty dirty and where i stay, it makes the impression of a village, a village with 8.5 million inhabitants.
i guess ill leave tomorrow for Bandung.

got some springrolls, pretty cheap, 7 cents per piece, but unfortunately, spring rolls are pretty much the only thing you can buy here.

people told me anyway, to leave jakarta as soon as possible. theres nothing worthy to visit.

I went around with a Taxi anyway, and what i saw was not bad at all. The center seemed very modern.

im pretty tired, had only 3 hours sleep. im going to sleep after this.


Donnerstag, 20. August 2009


updated ko tao with some nice pictures!


@lumphini park, a lizard like this, tried to rip me my fried chicken. had to be careful with the tail, which they like to use as a whip.

back to bangkok
ooouhhh, nothing interesting here...
just chilling out all day reading, eating and eating.

my thought processes are like this right now:, have to stay consistent with my workout...
...where do i get good food for 20baht...
...iam hungry but i dont want same old rice...
...maybe some french bakery stuff again, but that is also already "same same but different"...
...maybe some chicken? nahh, had already too much of it...
...damn, so many food and i dont know what i want...
...thats too spicy...
...ok, i have still 200baht to go for that day, i.e. about 4-5 meals... i supposed to do something right now?...
...maybe i go to lumphini park...
...lumphini park is too far away...
...cant afford the 7 baht for the bus...
...maybe i go to the supermarket...
...@ the supermarket: damn, what did i want at the supermarket?...

and least: ...the internet is cheap, i dont have anything to do, why not write some crap on my blog, that people continue coming back to it, checking for an update, and finally get crap like this...


Samstag, 15. August 2009


Should be interesting!

Freitag, 14. August 2009

general info

im not really in action these days SO TAKE THIS!!

my favorite music these days: nightwish - kinslayer, stargazers, ever dream, ... the classics!

my favorite movies: fight club, heat, snatch, casino royal ... watched any of those several times now. fight club, i guess, 10 times.

my workout every day to stay fit!: 35 pushups, 60bethaks, 30 situps, 30 other situps (dont know the name) and this 3 times, pretty exhausting

books: Schattenlauefer von markus heitz, 3 books in one, pretty entertaining! 1400 pages

saving money, in order to rent a motorbike tomorrow and get the experience of driving one!

favorite food: fried cashewnuts with rice and pork, very good!

favortite drink: probably beer, but cant afford one, so its water!

need a new book, and some ideas where to go before my flight to jakarta/indonesia but i probably will stay here few more days. very relaxing.

the dogs are soooo damn lazy around here, lying in the way all the time, BUT VERY VERY CUTE! the smallest ones use to bark the loudest!


Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

Ko tao by foot 2

Today, once again i didnt want to afford a bicycle for 2euros/24h, or motorcycle for 3euros/24h ^^ too expensive :D

I discovered little more the east of the island, like the day before, but now i had a map!1!

I found a beautiful beach, no pictures sorry, where the water was cristal clear blue, never seen that before. water is 30 degrees. went snorkeling again. very nice, but water was FULL of snorkelers.

So i decided to go rockclimbing! I loved that as kid, climbing around, climbing too high, that my father had to get me down again :D:D:D

the coast of ko tao is surrounded by rocks, big rocks. so i decided to go to the next beach by climbing the rocks. was very very nice. was my workout for the day. even though is was way too hot. fortunately had enough water with me. \
I guess i managed about 1km of rockclimbing and jumping over gaps, HIGH ADRENALINE :) but not erally dangerous.
Until the gap got too big between the next rock and i could only cntinue by jumping. that was little bit too adventurous for me, so i turned, which was a good idea, because by the time i came back to the beach, i was totally exhausted and destroyed by the sun.
But the trip was totally worth it! Had amazing snorkelspots where noone else was, saw a little shark and paradise underneath surface!

I guess, the sun had a pretty hard effect. i am very dizzy now and totally destroyed. so ill go sleeping soon. now is 8pm. something too eat, a good movie and then ZZZzzzZZZzzz


Dienstag, 11. August 2009

Ko tao by foot

today i tried to explore the island by foot, but i only got to the next bay ^^ its very very nice there and i 'tried' to go to the next one, but the way was too weird. didnt find it. and it was very very hot and the sun destrozed me totally.

the one bay i visited was very good for snorkeling and i borrowed mask and snorkel in the morning.
i actually saw a shark, about 1m long and a black tip on his back. very nice. actually looked like a real shark, not like these lame fake catsharks, that dont look like sharks at all... or they at least dont look like they can kill someone. but the one i saw, did look like that :) make sense?

today i didnt spend a lot of money, so i can eat a lot :)

peace out

Sonntag, 9. August 2009

ko tao

!!!UPDATED!!! 20.08.09

the bungalow resort on ko phangan, where i stayed, VERY BEAUTIFUL!
the bay where my resort was, nothing special

nice bay

On rocks like these, i jmped and climbed around!

fried cashewnuts with rice and pork, the best meal ive found, ate it every day at least 2 times!!! 1,20euros

beautiful bay

maybe polly, i dont know the name

dog, exhausted from his fight with the can

the fish smelled a lot! actually bangkok, lumphini park

tz, that dog was so funny ^^ at the bungalow resort at ko tao

now on Ko Tao, near Ko phangan. will stay here for a few days. very nice landscape and prices are OK.

Went diving today, 2 dives. Unfortuantely i had again problems with my ears. Needed very long to go down and it hurt a lot... coudlnt enjoy the whole thing very much. Even though its very nice!
am not really sure whats up with the ears because i dont have a cold, like i had in egypt because of the air climate systems, which nearly ruined the diving.

Internet is 2 baht/minute. on ko phangan it was 3baht/minute.still expensice,so i stop now!


Freitag, 7. August 2009

Fullmoon Party


Im on Ko Phangan right now, the party island in THailand with the famous Fullmoon party.
Ive been there the whole night and it was absolutely amazing. about 20000 people on a 2km beach. PLAIN FULL \,the whole beach.

i lived at a beach on the other side of the island, so me and 13 other guys had to go by a jeep from the bungalow company. 15 guys in one jeep!! 6 in the front, 9 in the back. I was in the back... i didnt want to miss out the nice view. no legspace, and i couldnt feel my feet anymore after a few minutes. but nice conversation and very nice nature at night.
who has played war-videogames like farcry or crysis? i didnt ^^ but anyway its the same atmosphere i guess ^^ sitting in the back of a jeep, in perfect nice islandlandscape, full moon, palmtrees (is plamtree the correct word? i dont know, you probably know what i mea0n, coconut and stuff) and you wait, people talking, until suddenly somethiong explodes and the enemy comes out and the action begins! unfortunately nothing exploded and no action happened until fullmoon party.

when we arrived at the party, they charged a entrance fee to get to the beach... 100 baht, 2 euros!!1!! unbelieveable! charge me money for the beach, no way i pay that ;)
so i went a little bit offroad and sneaked through some bush and finally got into a hotelresort, directly seaside. so i sneaked into fullmoon party for free! :)
but actually nearly noone paid because most guys lived at the beach anyway. only the ones who came from outside were charged.

i didnt hear anything, that something happened on the party, but when i saw a lot of drunk people dancing on the 1st floor of a disco, oustide on a balcony, with no safety bars... damn, i was kind of worried. i heard that somebody fell down, but i guess he lives.

one guy wanted to sell me ecstasy. i tried to convince him, that he better throw the drugs into the sea and sign up at some other job, but he didnt understand. maybe his english was too bad ;)

someone managed it to rip me off my wallet, ...
shit happens.


Samstag, 1. August 2009

moving waterfall - rare natural miracle, but very common

damn, its hot here, i guess the climate around here, is the hottest i have ever experienced.
as soon as i go out of the house, i can change my shirt. sweat,sweat,sweat, feeling very uncomfortable ALL THE TIME... you know, all the rich people running around in their cool clothes, and then comes the sweaty smelling, extremly good looking, but unfortunately smelling german guy who left his house 5mins ago. the people here dont seem to have this problem. maybe they know some tricks. maybe they stopped to drink. id like to know.

today, i somehow made it work that my shirt was wet above the shoulder, not like usually, under it... at the axle, where i normally have a waterreservoir, there is no sweat at all. different country, different sweatareas.

i guess this is pretty much the only issue that would hold me back to live here.

but sweating is probably healthy, so at least i live longer than the people around here Muhahaha.