Dienstag, 11. August 2009

Ko tao by foot

today i tried to explore the island by foot, but i only got to the next bay ^^ its very very nice there and i 'tried' to go to the next one, but the way was too weird. didnt find it. and it was very very hot and the sun destrozed me totally.

the one bay i visited was very good for snorkeling and i borrowed mask and snorkel in the morning.
i actually saw a shark, about 1m long and a black tip on his back. very nice. actually looked like a real shark, not like these lame fake catsharks, that dont look like sharks at all... or they at least dont look like they can kill someone. but the one i saw, did look like that :) make sense?

today i didnt spend a lot of money, so i can eat a lot :)

peace out

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