Freitag, 28. August 2009

BigMac's, toothkiller and durian

Today i ate at a McDonald's, a bigmac menu, really good. but the abuse of salad is unbelieveable... there was more salad in the burger than in (where is a lot of salad in it???maybe in a saladburger)... but you get the idea.

then i went to a supermarket, where there was one huge box full of durian fruits. the fruit, that is known for its unstandable smell.
it really has a strong thick smell, which filled the whole supermarket (a relatively big one), but for me, its not unpleasant. its not even annoying. So I went to a little shop in order to try it, and it was really really good :)
it's said that you either hate or love it, and that most people cant go near it.
I liked the taste. its a very rich taste like onions, melted onions. the flesh of the fruit is very creamy.
After this one, i bought some sweet stuff. i dont know what it actually consists of, but its basically a colored, meatball-big, ball with coconut and A LOT OF sugar. its as sweet, that it hurts. i cant eat 2 of them; after one, i think im fat. But it was as good, that I HAD to eat all of them; the white ones tasted like durian. need to get those again.

tomorrow i will visit Borobodur. a huge temple from forgotten times. shall be pretty good!

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  1. Hey Veit,

    cooler Blog, schön von deinen Erlebnissen zu lesen. Hoffe ich werde auch bald wieder nach SEA kommen, I absolutely luv it..

    Schöne Grüße aus D.,
    P.S. Ich persönlich kann Durian gar nicht ab! :)