Freitag, 14. August 2009

general info

im not really in action these days SO TAKE THIS!!

my favorite music these days: nightwish - kinslayer, stargazers, ever dream, ... the classics!

my favorite movies: fight club, heat, snatch, casino royal ... watched any of those several times now. fight club, i guess, 10 times.

my workout every day to stay fit!: 35 pushups, 60bethaks, 30 situps, 30 other situps (dont know the name) and this 3 times, pretty exhausting

books: Schattenlauefer von markus heitz, 3 books in one, pretty entertaining! 1400 pages

saving money, in order to rent a motorbike tomorrow and get the experience of driving one!

favorite food: fried cashewnuts with rice and pork, very good!

favortite drink: probably beer, but cant afford one, so its water!

need a new book, and some ideas where to go before my flight to jakarta/indonesia but i probably will stay here few more days. very relaxing.

the dogs are soooo damn lazy around here, lying in the way all the time, BUT VERY VERY CUTE! the smallest ones use to bark the loudest!


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