Samstag, 1. August 2009

moving waterfall - rare natural miracle, but very common

damn, its hot here, i guess the climate around here, is the hottest i have ever experienced.
as soon as i go out of the house, i can change my shirt. sweat,sweat,sweat, feeling very uncomfortable ALL THE TIME... you know, all the rich people running around in their cool clothes, and then comes the sweaty smelling, extremly good looking, but unfortunately smelling german guy who left his house 5mins ago. the people here dont seem to have this problem. maybe they know some tricks. maybe they stopped to drink. id like to know.

today, i somehow made it work that my shirt was wet above the shoulder, not like usually, under it... at the axle, where i normally have a waterreservoir, there is no sweat at all. different country, different sweatareas.

i guess this is pretty much the only issue that would hold me back to live here.

but sweating is probably healthy, so at least i live longer than the people around here Muhahaha.