Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

ariel, his cousin antonio and ariels sister,whose name i already forgot and not to forget her little daughter i rarlely see

Ariel: likes electronics, always had good camera, digicam, videocam and netbook with him! is a cook, so yeah, he cooks really good!
Antonio: cooks very good! is on his way to become a cook.

as you know i am in macau right now, stayin' in a way too expensive guesthouse, but i guess there is no cheaper.
Through Ariel I first heard of Macau. I met Ariel in Bangkok, the 3rd day of my trip. he was in bangkok for 3 days for visit and 2 days we spent together visiting several places.
He said I should come to Macau and 2 weeks later I really decided to come here and I dont regret one bit of it. I cant even understand how I didnt think about going to Hongkong when Iam around SE asia anyway. Because i always wanted to see HK, which is 65km from Macau.
Antonio and Ariel and his sister work in a restaurant. Ariel in a different one than antonio and ariels sister. Antonio and his sister start at 3pm, so i came to them midday. then, when they leave for work, ariel comes home for a 4 hour break of work. so i meet up with him.
they are very very generous, and they always want to cook for me, and they cook very very good. when they are working, i go to see casinos i havent been to yet. at midnight we meet up again, and again there is food and beer :)
Ariel showed me around many many places. so did antonio. they do this everytime they have visitors to macau and ariel usually takes them to hongkong, like me. very nice!
so im glad i met ariel in bangkok, otherwise i wouldnt be here, which i would truely regret.

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