Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009



Ariel, and I went to Hongkong for 2days.
we left in the morning from macau with the ferry and went right to sleep on the 1hour trip... not that there wasnt anything interesting to see, but when you went to sleep at 4am the night before and stood up at 6:30am to go to hongkong, than you probably feel like an hour more of sleep maybe worth it.

At Hongkong we decided to have breakfast in a McDonald to worship the chinese culture a little bit more.
we also had lunch in a mcDonald
and the next day again breakfast and lunch... i wonder, what else than the price, is the difference between a cheeseburger and a quarter pounder burger.

The ferry terminal is not far from the central district of Hongkong and well-connected to it with a passage above the street.Hongkong seems to be the city with the most dramatic weathershifts because you often find yourself, from one moment to antother, like a wall, in extreme hot, highly humid places, which suddenly changes into icecold dry climate. im not sure but it might be related to the buildings... the 0815-veit-body however doesnt like that too much and reacts with massive eruptions of sweat.

i guess i mostly looked like half dying, while everyone else probably thought, what my problem was. i'd like to give you an olfactory taste (taste of my smell at that time)... wet 24/7
especially the bands of my rucksack were not reasonable at all. i didnt realize that at first, and i always thought:"whats that smell?" because my shirt didnt smell a lot at first.
the smell followed me, like when you unconciously step into dogcrap and you dont know where the smell is coming from.

in the evening we met up with 2 friends of ariel, philipinos, who helped us to find a room. we actually booked ourself into a guesthouse in the red light district, and we were the only ones who wanted a room for overnight, which surprised the owners. but anyway it was the cheapest and nearest and it was already very late. and the rooms were really good ^^

we then went to the "peak", a hill in hongkong, where you get this AMAZING view of Hongkong, unfortunately i dont have a sharp photo of the skyline. the one you see below is the best, but doesnt come close to the view you get up there.

next day we visited more of the city, other island, where you get a good view on hongkong island
and walked around a lot. Hongkong is actually very compact so you can walk everywhere, even though the transportsystem is very good.

We visited a big buddha on a mountain of a big island next to the Hongkong islands and a village which apparently values some german old, nearly forgotten times.

In Hongkong:

never seen a city like that...

amazing, stuffed full with skyscrapers, even the flathouses are about 200m high.
...i have many many pictures...


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