Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

vang vieng und tubing

i am in vang vieng right now,which is popular for tubing.i did it yesterday, and the name is a nice metapher for party,alcohol and drugs. ive seen funny things here, especially the high people. you get a tube, (reifenaehnlicher schlauch) on which you can go down the river, making stops at several bars where you can chill out. it was fun.
best for me were the "swings, where you climb a roundabout 7m high platform where you can swing like tarzan and finally let go to jump into the river. had to do it.

Today i rent a bike and went to a cave a few km outside the village. it was pretty hot and i sweated like never before. the way was only mud, and my bike had no protection against dirt, so i looked like crap when i arrived at the cave. i went into the cave alone and realized pretty fast this is harder and more dangerous than i imagined. it is a cave that goes into the mountain about 500m, the ad said, and you have to climb a lot. and the rocks are damn slippery. i can say, i am really lucky, that i came out there with no injuries or worse. i also had my flipflops on, which are not really good for exploring a cave with big slippery rocks. so i decided to go on barefoot.

after 20m in there you cant see anything. plain darkness. so i went on with my bikelight,which maybe wasnt the best idea, but i didnt want climb down the mountain again to the shops, to get a real headlight. i rejected the offer of such a lamp in the first place because i didnt look closely and thought the woman wanted to sell me something, which i learned always to reject.

the dumb part was that i went very far in there and thought i wont loose orientation. i always had my way in mind but when i wanted to go back i realized quick that i totally lost orientation and felt lost, no one around, pretty far inside the cave. i eventually got a feeling which i maybe had the last time as 10 year old kid in london where i got seperated from my family in the tube. fear of death i guess. hm i also had the feeling of a good adventure.
i still knew which direction i had to go, but i felt very unsure and lost because in the total darkness everything looks different from a different angle. so i didnt find the way i came from anymore.

luckily i found a glimpse of sunlight shining in the distance, which i found by wandering around, trying to accept that im going to die in a laos cave. definetely not a place i want to die. if i have to die here, i prefer getting eaten by a tiger but those lazy animals dont show up that often.

so i luckily could find the way back and after this adventure i decided to just go back to the village, in a restaurant near my guesthouse and watch family guy all day, WHICH THEY PLAY IN THAT RESTAURANT ALL DAY! SEASON 1 to 6!!! DAMN I LOVE THIS PLACE!

tomorrow i go to vientiane but im not keen on staying longer in this country, i will probably move back to bangkok day after tomorrow.

my camera is not working properly anymore. "write protect"it says but the cards are not write protected... so no photos anymore at the moment. sorry




  1. krasse scheisse :D

    hoff du bist zZ nich wieder irgendwo lost, seit
    4 tagen kein eintrag mehr :E

    grüße, lass wieder was hören :)

  2. schoen das ihr regelmaessig vorbeischaut :)
    manchmal gibts nichts, dann dauerts laenger bis wieder was kommt. z.b. die 4 tage war ich in bangkok und hab so ziemlich gar nichts gemacht.