Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Macau! Las Vegas of the East and why its worth the name!

Macau, Macao, Kakao!


the moment i landed i got a somehow european feeling, and it totally looks like a european city with a lot of asian guys. and its overall modern, new and fresh. Especially when you know, that the new Macau only exists since maybe 3 to 4 years.

And the nickname 'Las Vegas of the East' is very appropriate.Casinos and Hotels everywhere, and not tiny, not-so-interesting ones like you might think when you think of a las vegas fake. Macau copied many Casinos one-to-one from the las vegas casinos, and the Venezian is actually the biggest casino in the world and this complex is really HUGE!

I saw amazing buildings and shows, and this is only today, there are A LOT more to explore here.

of course, i met up with the philipino guy i met in Bangkok and who offered me to come to Macau, very very friendly guy, did thousands of photos :)

in the crowntower there was this huge lightshow, unfotunately we didnt have the videocam around, so i only have crappy 16secs with my cam.

unfortunately it is prohibited to make photos in the gambling areas and the casino didnt offer free food so far... and the smallest bet i saw was 25HKD, about 2,50euros, too much for me

here is everything from Hard Rock Casino to Wynn and now i dont have enough time for details.

tomorrow i go to HK for 2 days, after that i continue to explore Macau.


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