Montag, 20. Juli 2009

laos, luang pragang und vang vien

until now i dont like the laos people. everyone is trying to rip you off, except some very nice people, like the owner of the guesthouse i was staying in uang prabang.

very expensive,its like they are trying out how far they can push the tourist prices.
the nature though is fenomenal.

the main vehicel seems to be the cow here, though i never actually saw someone riding one, but they are just everywhere on the street, a lot with an engine damage because they dont move at all.

the food is strange,strange,strange, especially when i went to the morning market in luang prabang, i saw the craciest food, like these wormlike fish (aal in deutsch aber ich bin zu faul das englische wort nachzuschauen, v.a. weil die maus hier so schlecht ist, das ich mich wieder drueber aergern muesste wie lange ich brauch um eine uebersetzer seite aufzuschlagen.lieber schreibe ich diese sinnlos lange erklaerung)

this food here is pork belly, like how i like it in the schweinebraten, but this one is grilled. was really good. the beer laos is also really good.

so i guess i stop now because i dont want to get negative about laos. nature nice, people mostly untrustworthy moneyhungry whatsoever


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