Freitag, 17. Juli 2009


i am in laos now, sitting in an internet cafe were @ the first computer had a broken mouse, i changed then and now im sitting at one with a broken spacebar which can nerve quiet a lot.

but theres also good news. the dogs are even more friendly here than in thailand. especially the one in this cafe.

funny about laos, totally different from thailand: when you walk by a shop, nobody is there to advertise you his goods. even when you want something, you have to walk inside first, and probably will have to wake someone up. and then you have to wait until the salesman is awake enough to understand what you want, because they dont speak english that good.
everyone is asleep here... the guesthouse owner, the guesthouse owners family, the restaurant owner and worker, the seems to me, the only ones who are awake are hens,tourists and the tourist hookers at the border,50m from here, who want to sell boat and bus tickets for higher price. hehe they got everyone except from me. 1000 baht for bus to luangprabang was too much for me in my sense, when i compare it to bangkok-chiangmai which was 500. and i was right. i could buy the ticket for 700baht at my guesthouse, still very expensive but the infrastructure is worse than in thailand, so i think it may be as expensive, if not ive learned my lesson.

today no pics :(

but dont worry, always look on the bright side of life


  1. hört sich nach chilligen leuten an :)
    muss mal nachfragen ob ich irgendwelche ursprünge in laos hab, schlafen = sehr gute zeitinvestition :)

    hier läuft alles ganz normal :) mach nur zZ ca. 75% aller stunden blau...schuljahr is vorbei^^

  2. lifes a peace of shit, when you look at it ;)