Sonntag, 9. August 2009

ko tao

!!!UPDATED!!! 20.08.09

the bungalow resort on ko phangan, where i stayed, VERY BEAUTIFUL!
the bay where my resort was, nothing special

nice bay

On rocks like these, i jmped and climbed around!

fried cashewnuts with rice and pork, the best meal ive found, ate it every day at least 2 times!!! 1,20euros

beautiful bay

maybe polly, i dont know the name

dog, exhausted from his fight with the can

the fish smelled a lot! actually bangkok, lumphini park

tz, that dog was so funny ^^ at the bungalow resort at ko tao

now on Ko Tao, near Ko phangan. will stay here for a few days. very nice landscape and prices are OK.

Went diving today, 2 dives. Unfortuantely i had again problems with my ears. Needed very long to go down and it hurt a lot... coudlnt enjoy the whole thing very much. Even though its very nice!
am not really sure whats up with the ears because i dont have a cold, like i had in egypt because of the air climate systems, which nearly ruined the diving.

Internet is 2 baht/minute. on ko phangan it was 3baht/minute.still expensice,so i stop now!


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