Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

Ko tao by foot 2

Today, once again i didnt want to afford a bicycle for 2euros/24h, or motorcycle for 3euros/24h ^^ too expensive :D

I discovered little more the east of the island, like the day before, but now i had a map!1!

I found a beautiful beach, no pictures sorry, where the water was cristal clear blue, never seen that before. water is 30 degrees. went snorkeling again. very nice, but water was FULL of snorkelers.

So i decided to go rockclimbing! I loved that as kid, climbing around, climbing too high, that my father had to get me down again :D:D:D

the coast of ko tao is surrounded by rocks, big rocks. so i decided to go to the next beach by climbing the rocks. was very very nice. was my workout for the day. even though is was way too hot. fortunately had enough water with me. \
I guess i managed about 1km of rockclimbing and jumping over gaps, HIGH ADRENALINE :) but not erally dangerous.
Until the gap got too big between the next rock and i could only cntinue by jumping. that was little bit too adventurous for me, so i turned, which was a good idea, because by the time i came back to the beach, i was totally exhausted and destroyed by the sun.
But the trip was totally worth it! Had amazing snorkelspots where noone else was, saw a little shark and paradise underneath surface!

I guess, the sun had a pretty hard effect. i am very dizzy now and totally destroyed. so ill go sleeping soon. now is 8pm. something too eat, a good movie and then ZZZzzzZZZzzz


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