Freitag, 7. August 2009

Fullmoon Party


Im on Ko Phangan right now, the party island in THailand with the famous Fullmoon party.
Ive been there the whole night and it was absolutely amazing. about 20000 people on a 2km beach. PLAIN FULL \,the whole beach.

i lived at a beach on the other side of the island, so me and 13 other guys had to go by a jeep from the bungalow company. 15 guys in one jeep!! 6 in the front, 9 in the back. I was in the back... i didnt want to miss out the nice view. no legspace, and i couldnt feel my feet anymore after a few minutes. but nice conversation and very nice nature at night.
who has played war-videogames like farcry or crysis? i didnt ^^ but anyway its the same atmosphere i guess ^^ sitting in the back of a jeep, in perfect nice islandlandscape, full moon, palmtrees (is plamtree the correct word? i dont know, you probably know what i mea0n, coconut and stuff) and you wait, people talking, until suddenly somethiong explodes and the enemy comes out and the action begins! unfortunately nothing exploded and no action happened until fullmoon party.

when we arrived at the party, they charged a entrance fee to get to the beach... 100 baht, 2 euros!!1!! unbelieveable! charge me money for the beach, no way i pay that ;)
so i went a little bit offroad and sneaked through some bush and finally got into a hotelresort, directly seaside. so i sneaked into fullmoon party for free! :)
but actually nearly noone paid because most guys lived at the beach anyway. only the ones who came from outside were charged.

i didnt hear anything, that something happened on the party, but when i saw a lot of drunk people dancing on the 1st floor of a disco, oustide on a balcony, with no safety bars... damn, i was kind of worried. i heard that somebody fell down, but i guess he lives.

one guy wanted to sell me ecstasy. i tried to convince him, that he better throw the drugs into the sea and sign up at some other job, but he didnt understand. maybe his english was too bad ;)

someone managed it to rip me off my wallet, ...
shit happens.


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