Samstag, 29. August 2009

temple borobodur and pleasent dinner

ok, these were the last temples for my journey. I guess i saw enough now :)

but those last 2 were really good anyway and i had to see them. really big.

but 10 dollar entrance fee for each one of them is waaaayyy too much for me, thus i only visited Borobodur, the famous one. Maybe its for restauration, then i gave my fair share, i guess.
As you see, Borobodur is very impressive! Wonderful view over Java and volcanoes.

The guide from the travel agency took me and my group to a second temple, but i didnt pay the entrance fee, just watched from outside and then waited for my group at a deerpark. very nice and cute. ^^

In the evening, I went out for dinner and this really nice indonesian family invited me over at their table. I had a really pleasant talk and food with them. They spoke english very well, and the one guy, Herry, told me about his stays to Europe, also Dresden/Germany. He lives in Sydney at the moment. Enjoyed it!

I again found some new food which looked strange, but that i really like now. Plain egg, which is brown and Jackfruit, fried i guess. really good.


my 'good morning' BigMac had again a massive load of salad in it. I dont know where that comes from.

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