Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

bromo and kawah jiaen

Last 3 days i spent driving and wandering around in east Java, visiting 2 volcanoes, watching the sunrise from volcanoe bromo's viewpoint and climbing the volcanoe Kawah Jiaen, into its crater with a big source of soda and a big lake full of soda.

In Jiaen, there are hundreds of worker walking up and down the volcanoe, carrying a heavy load of soda on their shoulder. Everone of them goes up the mountain, climbs down to the crater, gets a load of soda, climbs back up to the top and goes down the mountain again. all in all 3,5km and the soda weighs about 60 to 80kg. Real man's work! Each one of them has the most impressive shouldermuscles i've ever seen.

Unfortunately i lost nearly all my pictures of the 3 days, because the computer crashed while transferring them.

Now i am on Bali, with 3 belgium girls and a french guy. Met them on the 3-day-trip to the volcanoes. Bali is cheap and beautiful so far. Tomorrow we go on a carride across the island, and are going to visit some popular places.



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