Dienstag, 8. September 2009


Now I am in Kuta, the magnet for all sunny boys and those who like to get owned by big waves.

Accomodation is quite expensive here, so I rented myself into a hotel WITH SWIMMING POOL11!11!!!! First time in this journey. Is one of the cheapest Hotels i could get.

Next thing i did was, getting a massage! First time ever. I always ran away of them, in thailand they are EVERYWHERE, but this time i thought, it's maybe a thing you should do, when you are around here. Anyway its 10x less the price then in Germany. 2,50euros for half an hour.

But anyway, i describe it like this:

first it was a fight, then a war, and finally i didnt want her to stop.

Now, after it, im full of oil, even in my hair, and i cant take a shower because my towels are in laundry until tomorrow. I could go into the pool, but then i have to wait for an hour or longer to get dry. and it is dark, no sun to dry.
So ill just go around with a odor de mint ;)

I was at the beach and there are some pig big waves ^^ went right into them, i love swimming with 'em.
Tomorrow i rent a board for the day for not more than 40000 Rp. about 3 euros. The rest of the time i have here, ill learn how to surf no matter what (if i like it)
no school. dont need that shit ^^ maybe...

no pictures so far.



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