Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

USA, California, Nevada, Arizona

Driving through Sedona/Arizona


finally a picture up.
actually i forgot to make any pictures in Las Vegas. really ^^

entering Las Vegas by car
you dont want to carry a camera around the casinos. thats probably why i forgot to take some pics.
I have been out in Vegas 7 nights and i spent amazing 30$ on entrance fee on saturday. i actually paid that twice but the first time i cheated 2 guys in, who gave me 10$ each in return. In total probably about 100$ for club entrance...
But had one of the best times of my life in vegas. Despite one meal/day because of budget.

I am now more than 2 weeks in the USA and it feels so good to be over here. Probably because I finally escaped the struggles back home. I passed my 2 exams and now everything is perfect. Having an awesome time over here.
Met lots of people.
I actually changed my former plans and am doing a roadtrip right now with Mike.

Mike.Same background here, but dont have lots of pictures right now.

We head out from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, the closest city to Grand Canyon. We stayed there for 3 nights.
Until Flagstaff we've been 4 guys. Me, Mike, Chris (german) and Eric (Swedish).

Cracy chris decided that there is no way around the adventure of descending the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River offtrail, stay there over night with no tent, cover or whatsoever, and little supply.

Well, i am adventorous but not stupid. Chris and Eric thus decided to split off and do it on their own thing.

Mike is not into hiking, so I decided to split off as well for the day and meet up with mike in the evening. |
I did the Bright Angel Trail, which is probably the basic trail down.

I had little bit more than 5 hours to descend and ascend. Thats not much for 15 miles to go down and up..
I hiked to a viewpoint directly over the colorado river.

sitting on the edge of a huge rock right above the Col.river
When I came up again, near the start of the trail, now nearly full darkness at around 8pm, Chris and Eric came down the path. They said there was no way down offtrail, so now they go to the river on the laid out way, in full darkness ^^ freaks.
Well i warned them. Today they called me and Mike and said they did it and are alright. Good for them.

I wanted to challenge myself and tried to come up to the start in under 2,15h. I went pretty fast but underestimated the last 1.5 miles, so i needed 2,30h to ascend from Viewpoint over the Colorado River to the South Rim startpoint.

In the end i was completely exhausted but happy :)

Grand Canyon is an unbelievable piece of nature. It starts out of nowhere. We parked the car on the street on flat ground and 10meters ahead the floor suddenly drops down 7000feet. I dont know how much meter that exactly is. A lot.
There are no Security bars, so if you go there at night and dont watch out, you might fall to death, but you probably have plenty of falling time to think: "wow, this is the grand canyon, unbelievable"

Unfortunately i did not have enough time to hike more and go to the river.

Next day we headed out to Sedona (Pics above), where we only drove through.

Right now I am sitting in a nice Hotel in Scottsdale/Phoenix.

More things to be explored.


  1. Toller Blog, have a nice time in the States

  2. nice pictures!
    but like Rambo said:
    Lieber für etwas sterben als für nichts leben!
    So you really had to pass the canion by night:-).

  3. Ultra gut! Viel Spaß da drüben (noch mehr als du bisher hattest) :D Vegas..

    Gruß aus Heidelberg