Samstag, 21. August 2010

Phoenix, Vegas, again, San Francisco




wow, finally some time in the internet again.
I was searching for about 4 hours for a internet cafe in San Francisco today, until i found one.

So what happened in the last days?

After the Grand Canyon me and Mike continued to Phoenix/Arizona. *NOW I FOUND OUT THAT I HAVE NO PHOTOS OF PHOENIX, the city, but is not that interesting anyway*
Phoenix is the 5th biggest city in the USA...and lies directly in the desert. Temperatures of more than 40 degrees right now. Pools are about 30 degrees. No refreshment there.
Why do people decide to live in the desert? weird,.. i couldnt go out for more than 2 minutes in the sun. Its like gunfire from the sun on your head. I didnt see any reason why so many people moved there.
Downtown Phoenix looks actaully pretty nice, but when you are past the last modern skyscraper-whatsoever-downtown-building, you are suddenly in a crappy slum.
People there like wasting water for golf courses in the desert and shit like that. They have a lot of sprayers in houses and restaurants which cool the air. Most of the water just goes in the air. WASTE.
Well, Phoenix is not the best place to go. Scottsdale is a wealthy place there and it was fun to go out, but overall im glad to be out of the desert.

We first wanted to go to San Diego after Phoenix, but then decided to go back to Vegas :D Awesome city.
on the way there we came past Hoover Dam. But we didnt stop. only from car pics.

Now i have lots of pictures.
I also found out that they have a Hofbraeuhaus there, and of course went there. Ate a Schweinebraten and a Mass Bier, for 34$! Well, it was the best meal, yet :)
They actually had a band from Munich and original beer and the food also tasted original.
Was definitely worth it.

The pic is made from the spot where i spent the 
night to catch the early bus to yosemite

Mike had to go to San Jose and i came along, and continued alone to San Francisco. When i arrived i had to find out that all hostels and cheap places are full. Fortunately i met one guy in vegas 2 weeks ago, who lives in San Francisco and right now i sleep on his couch. So i had luck there.

Dog from San Francisco(named Carly)

San Francisco is a weird place. Freezing cold! Then very hot as soon as clouds vanish. Ive been to the Golden Gate bridge yesterday. Strong wind and lots of fog. Couldnt see the top of the towers. Surreal  feeling... like London.(Didnt have my camera around for Golden Gate Bridge but i have 5 days in the end of the journey in San Fran.)
The day i arrived here, i had to carry all my stuff around and then the night came in and fog, cold wind, homeless people scared the shit out of me.
hm, hard to explain, but i felt that way.

When everything works out, i go to Yosemite National Park tomorrow. Travelguide says: "If you havent been there, yet, you will have the experience of your life. In comparrison to Yosemite, Switzerland looks like a trial project from God.
So i am pretty exicted. Also because i can finally go outdoors and camp and hike and that sort of things. Most of the equipment i carry around here is for outdoor purposes ^^ I am not really prepared for staying in cities, and especially NOT for going out all the time.
I actually went out 16 nights in a row, except for one night. Somehow needed that after the last months of saving money and studying and working, get up early... Especially Vegas was awesome. Best nightlife there. Funny that most of the times i go with clothes i wore during the day, sweated and unshowered, since shortly i didnt even have a deodorant. But doesnt matter.

Sorry that i didnt post pictures. I wont be able to upload them any time soon, i guess. Unless they have Internet cafes in Yosemite. I might get an ipod touch with wifi. I guess the internet cafes all close down because of the FreeWifi places.

time up.


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